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I am an author, longtime yoga teacher, breathwork facilitator, and Certified Wellness Practitioner. If you are in any stage of recovery from addiction or mental health challenges, we will work at the intersection of yoga, positive psychology, and modern science so that you heal from the spiritual, mental and physical effects of a chronically overburdened nervous system. 

healing modalities

Conscious, connected breathwork is a circular breathing technique that allows you to drop your default thinking patterns to open you up to profound insight and clarity. The intensity of this practice often brings deep release and allows you to process years of blocked emotional content.

Integrative Yoga Sessions are designed to bring you long-term, sustainable growth in your recovery process. Using breath, movement, and yoga psychology, you will find a non-dogmatic approach to recovery from chronic stress and related disorders. The healing you experience with yoga address your whole self and integrates your needs for purpose, health, and a balanced nervous system. 

Clouds and Sunset

Conscious, Connected Breathwork

Conscious, connected breathwork is an intentional, powerful method of breathing that can work very quickly to transform your way of seeing and interacting with the world.


Without the use of chemicals or plants, this style of breathwork invokes an altered state of consciousness that releases you from ego and preconceived notions. Once your habitual mental chatter is quieted, the deeper aspects of yourself are revealed to you, often leading to intense emotional breakthroughs and transformational insights.

Breathwork is very useful for processing grief and releasing blocked emotional content. Breathwork can be done individually, with your partner, or in group settings.


Integrative Yoga Sessions

My work as a wellness practitioner lies at the intersection of yoga, positive psychology, and modern science. ​You will experience sustainable growth in all the domains of life: mental, physical, and spiritual. Sustainable change is often gradual. At the same time, you will learn to use breath and movement to love how you feel in your body right now.​


Your sessions will address the mental and physical manifestations of grief, stress, and trauma. We know that body and mind are not separate, and yoga addresses both.


​I take a solutions-oriented approach to well-being that is tailored to your life and circumstances. This work supports your choices regarding other modalities, including western medicine. Part of our what we do together is integrate all of the avenues of support that you find useful. These sessions are perfect if you are in recovery from addiction and/or mental illness, and we can work together using a non-dogmatic approach based on the philosophical roots of yoga.


The Powerhouse:
Breathwork Breakthrough

The powerful, immediate experience of breathwork will help you to uncover your deepest needs and desires so that our work together with integrative yoga is focused and gets to the heart of what is blocking you. 

The immediate and powerful benefits of breathwork followed by adopting a sustainable embodiment practice will keep your intentions alive and your actions pointing you toward your highest self. 

These four sessions will combine conscious, connected breathwork with integrative yoga so that you experience the immediate and transformative experience of breathwork and have the long-term integration that comes with a sustainable yoga practice based on your needs and the clarity you experience during breathwork.

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