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We're better together!

Take a break from booze (or any unhealthy habit!) and join a like minded community interested in the body and mind reset that comes from letting go of drinking for 30 days. 
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Each week you will:

  • Enjoy a gentle yoga practice designed to bring you back in touch with the natural rhythms and sensations of your body

  • Practice in a way that clarifies your intentions for health, family, and purpose

  • Look deeply at how alcohol use does or does not fit into your personal vision moving forward

  • Learn techniques from yoga to calm your nervous system without the need to ingest substances or engage in unhelpful habits

  • Be supported on your path towards a healthier relationship with alcohol with structured group check-ins. Abstaining from alcohol is notoriously difficult to do alone!

We know that alcohol meets some of our needs, or else we wouldn't do it. That's good news because it means we can let go of self judgment. And we also know that ethyl alcohol is poison to our bodies and distances us from ourselves. Taking a break is alway beneficial, even if you decide that drinking is not problematic for you in the long run. If you are sober-curious or just want to take a break from consumption, please join us!

***You are welcome to use this series to be supported in taking a month off from any unhealthy behavior! ***


Sliding scale: low-income tickets (limited availability): $45, general tickets: $75, supporters: $108


January 2 5:45 - 7:15 PM
Setting the stage, intention setting practice, group support and check-in (90 min)

January 9 5:45 - 7 PM

Grounding practice, identifying support in our lives, group sharing and check-in (75 min)


January 16 5:45 - 7 PM

Uplifting practice, feeling into freedom, group sharing and check-in (75 min)


January 23 5:45 - 7 PM

Power and grace practice, intention without tension, group sharing and check-in (75 min)


January 2 5:45 - 7:15 PM

Leaning into what feels good, intentions moving forward, group sharing and good-byes (for now!) (90 min)

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