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Establishing (and Maintaining) a Personal Practice

Main workshop:
Sunday, November 6th 1 - 3:45 PM
Square One Yoga San Leandro (zoom available)

Follow up call:
Tuesday, November 15th 6 -7 PM (zoom)


All of us who have been doing yoga for any amount of time know that when we do it consistently over time, we feel better, usually much better. We get stronger physically, more relaxed mentally, clearer about our goals and what’s important to us. We notice life fitting together and flowing in a way that feels perhaps mysterious.


And yet many of us come and go even though we have had that experience. Why? In this workshop, we will explore some of the common obstacles to having a regular practice and some simple changes in our thinking about practice that will help us overcome them. You will leave with practical strategies to begin practicing regularly right away with a sense of ease and joy.

A follow up session will occur on zoom Tuesday, November 15 at 6PM so that we can share what has worked and celebrate our successes.

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