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Updated: Feb 3, 2021


I know that we have all created endless strategies and goals in relation to our well being that we have never stuck to. My hope is that by going through this rather deep and involved process, you have come to some ideas for practice that have nothing to do with what you “should” do and everything to do with what will actually satisfy your needs and therefore being fulfilling in the long-run.

It’s important to acknowledge that we all have limited time. Most of us cannot hike and do a hour long yoga class and meditate and feed ourselves and make a living, not to mention care for family and friends. That is the beauty of yoga. Yoga is multi-dimensional and can meet many needs at once. I predict that many of you will find that your limited time may best be used by doing a little bit more yoga, or changing up your practice slightly.

I have two suggestions for developing a strategy for yourself:

1. build on what you are already doing that works for you

2. make small changes that can realistically be maintained over time

Your last prompt will be to decide on what you would like to tweak or change about what you’re doing. Take some time looking at the changes that you are considering and write about how and if those changes would likely meet your needs.

Here’s a gift: it may be that no change at all is needed. It may be that this work has helped you to understand that you are already doing enough and that you are entirely capable of getting your needs met because you are already doing it. If so, enjoy! Congratulations!

But many of us will find something to tweak, even if it is question all of the “shoulds” we place on ourselves. You may have discovered that sitting for 20 minutes of morning meditation isn’t actually the best use of your time, that it doesn’t really address your needs, and your challenge might be to let go of the belief that you should be doing it.

Or maybe, adding a class or two a week or more time in nature is really calling to you. It is coming from your heart that doing so will meet deep needs and you are excited and happy to begin. That is a lovely discovery too, and I wish you well on the journey.

Prompt: What would you like to tweak or change about your practice? In what ways will these changes better meet your needs? Do you have any beliefs what practice should look like that could be let go of now because they don't actually meet your needs?

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