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set aside second drafts, constructive feedback, and talks of publication. Instead, take some deep breaths with us and allow your subconscious to become conscious through the medium of pen and paper. You may not get published, but you will learn something about yourself, guaranteed.

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Wednesdays Online
March 6th to April 19
6:00 - 7:30 PST 

I wrote my first book when I was 6 or 7. It was handwritten in a lined journal with a puffy pink fabric cover. The story involved running away from home to save a unicorn, friends, and a shopping spree. It never occurred to me to try publishing it. 

I wrote my second book when I was 40. It was published, but I wasn’t terribly worried about that at first. The process of transforming my thoughts and experiences into something tangible was, and still is, the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

I have started writing approximately 10,000 more books that I have finished. The death knock always comes when I start daydreaming about the finished product.


Creativity thrives on ease in the body and
freedom fr
om our default mental dialogue.

that's where the yoga comes in.

In order to begin, we need to feel safe and relaxed. I have never written anything more meaningful than an email or a facebook post when I was tense or under pressure or worried about what people will think.

that's why first drafts get unconditional positive responses. always.

We won't discuss publishing or learn formulas

We will face our shadows

We will focus what we love about other people’s work

We will witness creativity as an inherent quality of every human being

We will open up to self-inquiry and discovery

We will fall in love (again) with writing

We will hold space for each other
We will let go so that our work is raw and imperfect

We will be brave.


Prime your nervous system for creativity with yoga 
Get going with provocative & universal prompts​ 
Hold time and space to write with supportive friends
Practice deep listening and receive it from others
Grow joy by sharing what you love about other's work​


First drafts are the juiciest, 

most revelatory work we do.

First drafts are where we learn the most

about ourselves. First drafts happen when we

let the subconscious flow,

when we let ourselves

write about what really matters

to us, not what matters to the editor or the publisher or our family.

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