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Workshops and Retreats

Yoga for Addiction: Weekly Public Class


In this weekly class, we will gather online, share about our recovery and do a simple, accessible 60-minute practice designed to facilitate deeper body awareness and stress relief. Mondays 4:30 PM PST. Donation-based, all are welcome. Register here.

Twelve Steps, Eight Limbs: The Alchemy of Embodied Recovery


The twelve steps and the Yoga Sutra offer remarkably similar systems for living. For people in recovery, yoga also offers us a way to live in our bodies without the need to medicate, while recovery communities offer us connection with people on the path of sobriety. We need all of it. In this workshop, we will explore how yoga philosophy and the twelve steps converge, and how we can make the most of our experiences in twelve step programs using the tools of yoga, particularly yoga asana. This program can be presented as an afternoon workshop or a multi-day retreat. Dates coming soon.

Express Yo’self: Using Yoga and Meditation to Love Your First Draft

The first draft is the rawest, realest, most vulnerable writing we do. It’s also the hardest to create since we resist this vulnerability with all we’ve got. This is called writer’s block, and it’s caused by our deeply engrained resistance to fully living and feeling our lives. It’s caused by fear. Guess what breaks down our barriers to vulnerability and allows us to just be, the most fertile ground for creative work? Yoga and meditation. Life is lived in the first draft, and when we are safe, secure, and happy, our first drafts, and our lives, are phenomenal. Join Katy on this exploration of our deepest, most fertile ground and learn to love your first draft. Can be an afternoon workshop or a weeklong retreat. 

Dates coming soon.



Karma Yoga and Recovery: Building a Joyful life in Recovery through Service and Yoga


The Bhagavad Gita teaches that the pathway to joy and contentment is the road of Karma Yoga, or service. The same principle applies in recovery. We rejoin life after addiction by becoming active in our recovery communities. Through service work, we shift from an inward and often downward spiral of self-criticism, shame, and depression to full and active living that benefits all. In this workshop, we will look at key teachings from the Bhagavad Gita and, using this wisdom, discover how blocks in our life may be shifted by adopting the spirit and principles of Karma Yoga. 

Dates coming soon.


The Dharma of Recovery: Co-creating our Best Lives Through Service, Sobriety, and Meaningful Work


The word dharma means “that which supports.” In this workshop, we will let go of our preconceived ideas of what we should be doing with our time and instead dive into discovering the work that will best support the world and all its inhabitants. The concept of dharma teaches us that our best life is our own unique thread in the great web that holds up the entire universe. We will learn that dreaming big and living humbly are in fact two sides of the same coin. True humility is knowing ourselves, including our greatness, and this self-knowledge will lead us to our greatest contributions to the world. In this workshop, we will use the key teachings of Yoga and Buddhism, along with guided meditations, to unpack and own our unique talents and desires and how they can best serve the world. 

Dates coming soon.

Katy is available to teach public yoga classes at conferences and festivals. Her specialties are moderately paced, accessible vinyasa classes and restorative yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training

Katy has extensive experience as the Lead Trainer in Square One Yoga’s Teacher Training Program. This program is offered throughout the year in Oakland, CA. She is also available to assist other trainings in the following topics: anatomy, philosophy, ethics, and the business of yoga.

To inquire about Katy's availability, please email

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