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Discover how yoga and the twelve steps can help you find freedom from addiction, exist peacefully in your body, and create a truly joyful life.

If you're in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse--or if you're thinking of seeking help--you should know that there are many resources available to you. Traditional twelve-step programs have become the standard in substance abuse treatment; however, these programs often lack one crucial ingredient for lasting recovery from addiction: a way to relate to the body so you can live comfortably in it--without the need to numb it.

This is where yoga comes in.

In Yoga for Addiction, yoga teacher Katy Cryer offers a gentle yoga practice that supports and complements the twelve steps, so you can manage emotions, stay present with your body, and stay firmly on the path to recovery. You'll also find breathing and relaxation techniques to help you manage stress, and tips for dealing with cravings when they seem overwhelming.

Whether you're already in recovery from addiction and are interested in using yoga to support your journey; or practice yoga and think you may have a problem with alcohol, substances, or compulsive behaviors--this book has everything you need to harness the power of yogic wisdom for a full recovery of both body and mind.


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